Disney World Resort’s Overlooked Attractions

When you visit Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and spend most of your time going for the popular thrill rides and attractions. These well-loved attractions are definitely worth standing in line for, but you also shouldn’t miss out on the less popular attractions around the resort’s theme parks.

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, for instance, is home to a lot of fun activities that you wouldn’t have to line up for to enjoy. Consider taking the time to seek these little gems and your Disney World vacation might just be a little more memorable.


Fantasyland offers a lot of activities that are more enjoyable especially for little kids. One overlooked attraction in Fantasyland is Fairytale Garden. You can find this garden just beside Cinderella Castle. Each day, Belle from Beauty and the Beast makes appearances in the garden and interacts with children from the crowd. Together with some chosen kids, Belle retells the story of her and the Beast. After the retelling comes a chance to get photos and autographs from the character.


This area is also home to some hidden gems for guests to enjoy. One overlooked Frontierland area that guests can visit is Fort Langhorn. Located in Tom Sawyer Island, Fort Langhorn is a play area for kids. Kids can explore lookout platforms and underground mazes while adults can sit and relax in the shade. Around Tom Sawyer Island are also some paintbrushes left behind by Tom and Huck. Take one of these hidden paintbrushes to a cast member and win a prize.


Tucked away in Tomorrowland are two true attractions that many Disney World visitors miss out on: Tomorrowland Transit Authority and the Carousel of Progress. If you or your kids enjoy train rides, you may enjoy going for a ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. While on the ride, you’ll get glances into the interiors of the area’s well-known attractions, as well as an unforgettable bird’s-eye view of the Tomorrowland area. The Carousel of Progress, on the other hand, offers you the chance to experience one of the original attractions at Disney World.

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