The Best Snacks at Disney World

Often, the Disney World experience isn’t about just the attractions, the theme parks, and the water parks; the food available at the resort can also help you enjoy a memorable vacation. At Disney World, you’ll never run out of places to satisfy your appetite. Food stands, cafes, and restaurants offer an extensive range of snack items and meals for the enjoyment of resort guests.

If you’re looking to enjoy some delicious foods on your Disney World vacation, you won’t be disappointed. The snacks at the resort are just as varied and enjoyable as its attractions. Here are some Disney World snacks that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Candy Apples

Eating candy apples is one of the yummiest ways to indulge a sweet tooth. Available at Sunset Boulevard Candy Store at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, these candy apples are hand-dipped in caramel then rolled in crushed candy or nuts. Red candy apple versions are available at the store as well. Kids and adults will definitely enjoy crunching through this sweet treat.


Walking around the theme parks and the attractions can be enough to make you sweat and feel overheated, especially if you visit Disney World during summer. The Japan Pavilion at Epcot offers you a delicious way to cool off: kaki-gori. Kaki-gori is a large ball of shaved ice, topped with fruit-flavored syrup. You can choose to have your kaki-gori with strawberry syrup, tangerine syrup, honeydew syrup, or a combination of all three.

Smoked Turkey Leg

If savory snacks are more your type, then you might be interested in a smoked turkey leg from the turkey leg carts at the resort. These turkey legs are huge, so these might qualify as a small meal for light eaters. You can even walk around the theme parks with a turkey leg in hand, if you want to snack and explore the parks at the same time.

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