The Germany Pavilion at World Showcase, Epcot

World Showcase at the Epcot theme park is one of the most interesting attractions at Walt Disney World Resort, Florida. When you visit World Showcase, you’ll get to experience a taste of different cultures from regions all over the world. Each pavilion is designed to reflect the unique architecture and culture of the country it represents, complete with shops and restaurants that guests can explore.

One great pavilion you can visit at World Showcase is the Germany Pavilion. The Germany Pavilion was first opened to the public in October 1982. Originally, the pavilion was designed to feature a boat ride attraction going down famous rivers in Germany, such as the Rhine, the Ruhr, and the Tauber, while showing German landmarks such as the Cologne Cathedral. Unfortunately, these plans were never completed due to lack of funding.

Today, the Germany Pavilion is designed to portray a typical 16th century German village. The pavilion features a square called the Platz, which features a clock tower and a statue of St. George slaying a dragon. Various areas of the pavilion reflect different types of architectures from various eras of Germany’s history.

Aside from the Platz, visitors to the Germany Pavilion can also explore a number of shops. Kids will definitely enjoy a visit to Der Teddybar, a toy shop that offers dolls and stuffed toys that can be customized. Adults may appreciate Glas und Porzellan and Kunstarbeit in Kristall; the former offers glass and porcelain items, such as the renowned Hummel figurines, while the latter features crystal jewelry and stemware.

Restaurants serving German cuisine can also be found in the pavilion. The Biergarten Restaurant offers authentic German cuisine for lunch and dinner, serving dishes such as pork schnitzel, cabbage sauerkraut, spaetzle, and apple strudel. If German pastries are more your type, you can head for Sussigkeiten, a confectionery shop where you can get traditional lubkuchen or spicy Christmas cookies, chocolate cookies, and butter cookies.

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